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Urea 46% – Prill

Urea 46% in the forms of prill and granule is one of our major activities.Tradeinfact Group has the ability to supply urea fertilizer in the shortest time and with the best price from five Iranian petrochemicals.

Among all the known elements in nature, Nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) has more effects on growth of plants rather than the others, so some combinations of these are used as a fertilizer for agriculture. Urea (NH2CONH2) is most famous nitrogen fertilizer which can be used for most of plants and so has these advantages: not changing in the concentration of salts in soil and not leaving behind salts in the soil.

The 70% of produced urea in the world is used in agriculture and the rest is used in production of melamine powder as animal food and medical applications.

The urea plant of KHPC is under the Stamicarbon license and produces 495000 tons of prill urea with using 310000 tons of ammonia and 200 million normal cubic meters of carbon dioxide that started to work in June of 1996. Urea is produced from a reaction between ammonia and carbon dioxide in 143 kg/cm2 and 170-180 oC based on these reactions:



The first reaction is exothermic and fast and ammonia and carbon dioxide convert to the liquid ammonium carbamate (NH2COONH4) and the second reaction is endothermic and slow, the ammonium carbamate decomposes to urea (NH2CONH2) and water. Nowadays the target markets for this production are: Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, India, Colombo and Malaysia.

The main uses of this product are in the production of chemical fertilizers and urea resins of formaldehyde.

Urea(Prill) specification : 
1N2 contentWt%BS DIN EN 15478Min 46
2Biuret contentWt%BS DIN EN 15479Max 1.0
3MoistureWt%ISO 760Max 0.3
4Particle size(1-2.4mm)%ISO 8397Min 90
5Urea Formaldhide(UF)%H.F.T 1.6 & SBB 0071-02-EMax 0.4
6Formaldhide in Industrial UreaPPMH.F.T 1.6 & SBB 0071-02-EMax 100

Anticake(eurasoft -150)


Eurasoft  Method’s

Max 1000

Anticake in Industrial Urea


Eurasoft  Method’s

Max 25
PRODUCTS PACKAGE DETAILS(Packing: 50 kg bags/ Balk urea)
1G .Weight50kgr±200gr
2Outer  layer PP(Poly Propylene)  woven bag      
3Inner  layerPE(Poly Ethylene)
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