Urea Fertilizer 46% – Prill

Urea 46% in the forms of Prill and granule is one of our major activities.Tradeinfact Group has the ability to supply urea fertilizer in the shortest time and with the best price from  petrochemicals in the world.

Prill fertilizer is usually softer than granular. Usually the size of pearl is between 1 up to 2/4 mm but Granule is between 2 up to 4 mm. The  physical  structure of  urea  fertilizer  is  the  key  factor  to  its  mechanical  and  physical  properties  such  as  flow ability and avoidance of caking, while thermal and chemical properties are unlikely to be affected.The  results  confirm  that  both  prilled  and  granulated  urea  are  of  a  very  similar  composition  and  thermal  characteristics  (melting  point). The  only  key  difference  between  them  is  the internal structure  of  granules  which  is  the  fundamental  key  to  their  mechanical  properties.The  strength  measurement  show  granulated urea have a higher strength as their prominent size and internal structure, while prills  performed  weaker strength  having  the  small  size. 



The first reaction is exothermic and fast and ammonia and carbon dioxide convert to the liquid ammonium carbamate (NH2COONH4) and the second reaction is endothermic and slow, the ammonium carbamate decomposes to urea (NH2CONH2) and water.

The 70% of produced urea in the world is used in agriculture and the rest is used in production of melamine powder as animal food and medical applications.

Specification of Prill Urea

Urea(Prill) specification : 
1N2 contentWt%BS DIN EN 15478Min 46
2Biuret contentWt%BS DIN EN 15479Max 1.0
3MoistureWt%ISO 760Max 0.3
4Particle size(1-2.4mm)%ISO 8397Min 90
5Urea Formaldhide(UF)%H.F.T 1.6 & SBB 0071-02-EMax 0.4
6Formaldhide in Industrial UreaPPMH.F.T 1.6 & SBB 0071-02-EMax 100

Anticake(eurasoft -150)


Eurasoft  Method’s

Max 1000

Anticake in Industrial Urea


Eurasoft  Method’s

Max 25

Urea Fertilizer packaging

Tradeinfact group, supply Urea Fertilizer in 3 kind of packaging for international market.
In some cases, packing with customer’s opinion or brands will be possible.

 Package : Bag 
G. weight50 Kg ± 200 gr
Outer LayerPP woven bag
Inner LayerPE
Dimensions98 * 60   cm
 Package :Big  Bag 
G. weight1000 Kg ± 6 Kg
Outer LayerPP 
Inner LayerPE
Dimensions87 * 87 *120  cm
 Package :Bulk
Load Rate8000 MT per day
L.O.A230 m
BEAM30 m
DRAFTMax 14 m

Urea Fertilizer Transportation

Urea is shipped in bags, big bag or bulk and used as a fertilizer and it can be shipped by truck, ship or train in bag or bulk.

Urea 50 Kg bag export by trailer

Urea 50 Kg bag export by container

Urea 50 Kg bag export by ship

Urea Big Bag export by trailer

Urea Big Bag export by container

Urea Big Bag export by ship

Urea Big Bag export by container

Urea Bulk export by Ship

Urea Big Bag export by ship

Risk factors

No special hazards. Urea is non-combustible or has a low fire-risk. This cargo is hygroscopic and will cake if wet. Urea (either pure or impure) may, in the presence of moisture, damage paintwork or corrode steel.

Consult the IMSBC Code (International Maritime Solid Bulk Cargoes Code), the IMDG Code (International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code) and applicable MSDS sheet for safe handling/carriage.

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