First sensor package that can ride aboard bees

Computer scientists and engineers at the University of Washington have created a sensor package that is small enough to ride aboard a bumblebee. Credit: Mark Stone/University of Washington Farmers can already use drones to soar over huge fields and monitor...

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Organic food worse for the climate?

The crops per hectare are significantly lower in organic farming, which, according to the study, leads to much greater indirect carbon dioxide emissions from deforestation. Although direct emissions from organic agriculture are often lower -- due to less use of fossil...

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Varieties of maize

Varieties of maize found near Cuscu and Machu Pichu at Salineras de Maras on the Inca Sacred Valley in Peru, June 2007. The history of maize begins with its wild ancestor, teosinte. Teosinte bears little resemblance to the corn eaten today: Its cobs are tiny and its...

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Fresh Fruit Packaging

Through extensive research, some producers have been able to provide innovative technologies that extend the freshness and quality of fresh food and flowers. Such thorough research has enabled to launch first commercialized product, a discreet but high-tech filter...

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Apple-Picking Robot Prepares to Compete for Farm Jobs

Orchard owners say they need automation because seasonal farm labor is getting harder to come by. Roughly $4 billion worth of apples are harvested in the U.S. each year. Startup Abundant Robotics hopes to suck up some of it with a machine that vacuums ripe fruit off...

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Top 10 Exports

The following export product groups represent the highest dollar value in global shipments during 2017. Also shown is the percentage share each export category represents in terms of overall exports . At the more detailed four-digit Harmonized Tariff System code...

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