About Tradeinfact:

Since 2008, TRADEINFACT GROUP has started its activities in the field of production of some agricultural fertilizers.By providing the quality products of this group in international markets, we have been able to work with many of the world’s largest manufacturers and traders in the agricultural fertilizer sector.Regarding the high demand for fertilizer since 2011, the main focus of this group has been the trading of different kinds of Nitrogen fertilizers such as urea 46% and ammonium nitrate .We have started cooperating with many petrochemicals in different countries in the form of contracting agents, and we are currently able to supply fertilizers from many countries. In recent years, the group has been able to expand its business operations in markets such as Turkey, India, Ecuador, Oman, Malaysia, and Hong Kong and even launch sales offices in some countries.

The most important factors affecting the success of Nitrogen fertilizers are prices, analyzes, packaging and the procedure of selling urea fertilizer which we will surprise you in all cases.

Hoping for good cooperation.


Email : info@tradeinfact.com

 Cell phone:+98 9128173509

 Cell phone:+98 9126025016

 Tell :        +98 2126401645-6


Some people are more comfortable to contact with us by Whatsapp and telegram.So there are ready. 

Tradeinfact group is ready to cooperate with our knowledge of the international market for the import and export of all types of vegetable and agricultural fertilizers.

There is a lot of trade in agricultural fertilizers, especially Nitrogen fertilizers such as urea fertilizers 46% and Ammonium Nitrate. Tradeinfact group is one of the main source of these products to other countries.

TRADEINFACT  products are in the field of Nitrogen fertilizers such as urea 46% and Ammonium Nitrate .Here there is an opportunity for export and import and we are ready to cooperate with the best products for our clients.

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