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About Tradeinfact:

We are in IRAN country with many years experience of agricultural trade. Our trademarks product is TRADEINFACT. The main activity of our team is supply and export of fertilizers. Fertilizers we provide are include biological, organic, and chemicals. Moreover we have the opportunity to supply them through several valid Iranian petrochemicals.

 One of our main goals is to provide high-level services and customer satisfaction. So be sure you can get the best price and quality from us.It is worth noting that in recent years, many countries have sent orders to this group, especially from Asia, Europe and Africa. We have also responded to their answers.

Another services of the Tradeinfact Group is to give advice on agricultural trade in Iran. Therefore please do not hesitate to contact us.


Email : info@tradeinfact.com

 Cell phone:+98 9128173509

 Cell phone:+98 9126025016

 Tell :        +98 2126401645-6


Some people are more comfortable to contact with us by Whatsapp and telegram.So there are ready. 

Tradeinfact group is ready to cooperate with our knowledge of the Iranian market for the import and export of all types of vegetable and agricultural fertilizers.

There is a lot of trade in agricultural products and fertilizers, especially urea fertilizers 46% and many different kinds of Biological Fertilizer ,Organic fertilizer and Chemical Fertilizer. Tradeinfact group is one of the main source of these products to other countries.


Although Iran’s main export is oil,but this country has a reputation for exporting petrochemical products in the field of agriculture, as well as various types of fruits and vegetables. Tradeinfact group is ready to provide these high-quality products.

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