Iron Amino Chelate

Two of the main advantages of this fertilizer in comparison with other iron fertilizers in the market: at the first is the rapid and easy absorption of fertilizer particles through the stomata of the leaves and roots of the plant due to the organic structure created by a chelating agent. second advantage related to the breakdown of chelate for the use of micronutrients in the time needed. in this product, after the breakdown of iron, unlike other iron chelate fertilizers that iron breakage with other metals or calcium is bound and released from the plant availability, here, during the release of iron, nitrogen is produced that usable for the plant. Therefore, in addition to iron, it provides a part of the plant’s organic nitrogen requirement.

Iron amino chelate fertilizer is a new generation of iron fertilizers produced by Tradeinfact. that based on its unique production technology, has become one of leading manufacturers of iron amino chelate in the world.

The presence of iron with bio-based amino acids in this fertilizer play an important role in increasing the yield and quality of manufactured products and has increased the advantage of this fertilizer than other existing iron chelates. The amino acids stimulate the chemical and enzymatic reactions in the plant.


  • Supplying the plant requirement to Iron.
  • Fix the iron deficiencies, including chlorosis.
  • The supply of iron required for the suitable functioning of the symbiotic nitrogen-fixing microorganisms.
  • Improve performance, quality and color of products.
  • Increasing the absorption capacity of iron and other nutrients.
  • Increasing the rate of chlorophyll synthesis and helping the development of pigment synthesis enzymes of photosynthesis
  • Increasing the plant’s resistance to environmental stresses and reducing foliar stress due to the presence of amino acid
  • Avoid additional costs for a second fertilization plan.
  • In a wide range of pH is stable, but the highest yield is reported in soils with pH above 7.
  • Avoid  mixing  it  with  copper  compounds  and  toxins  containing  heavy  metals  and  high phosphorus fertilizers
Guaranteed analysis
Fe chelateTotal Amino acid


  • Wash hands with soap and water.
  • Being out of reach of children and animals
  • Keep in a dry place away from direct sunlight and temperatures below 35 ° C
  • Compatible with conventional fertilizers (herbicides, fungicides, insecticides)
  • upplying the plant requirement to Iron
  • Increasing the absorption capacity of iron and other nutrients
  • Avoid additional costs for a second fertilization plan
field crops and vegetable1-2 in 1000
Fruit trees2-3 in 1000
Fig, Pomegranate, pistachio and Citrus tree2-4 in 1000
Grapes2/5-5 in 1000
Ornamental Shrubs2-4 in 1000
lawn200-400 ml per 1000m2
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