Amino acid

L-Amino Kara

Amino acids are an important element in the synthesis of proteins. Studies have shown that amino acids directly or indirectly affect physiological processes and act against environmental stresses, photosynthesis and plant chlorophyll formation. at times of growth (such as when grains are filling or reaching the fruit), the plant’s physiological need to absorb nutrients for metabolic activities is very high but usually at this time due to some restrictions on the absorption of nutrients from soil, the plant can’t get enough of these elements, finally the relatively long time interval between the absorption of these elements by the plant and their conversion to usable elements for plant (amino acids, Protein, etc.), the plant suffers from growth retardation and reduced function.

Due to this important point, the specialists of the Tradeinfact group have started producing a fertilizer containing amino acids such as proline, cysteine, tryptophan.

L-Amino Kara is an organic formulation containing 10% of the L-aminoacids (plant-absorbing amino acids) that results in the production of protein in the plant. This formulation was produced during the process of enzymatic hydrolysis of soybean protein based on the technical knowledge of Tradeinfact’s specialists and by advanced reactors.


  • Increase plant resistance to environmental stresses (salinity, drought, extreme cold), pests and diseases.
  • Increasing chlorophyll production and increasing photosynthesis have led to increased plant growth.
  • Increasing the absorption of the elements and improving the root system of the plant.
  • rotein building, amino acids offer an instant, energy-efficient plant nitrogen supply.
  • Plant growth promotion, several of the amino acids in L-Amino Kara are recognised plant growth promotants.
  • Enhanced quality, amino acids improve the quality and shelf-life of fruit and vegetables.
  • Promotes the ripening and colouring process in fruit.
  • The usage of fertilizer in the pre-flowering stages increases fruitiness and increases the fruit quality and size during fruiting stages.
Existing amino acids
Alanine 8%proline5/3 %
Glutamic acid20%Aspartic acid9/7 %
Phenylalanine 5%Tyrosine3/5 %
Serine 2/6 % Threonine2/1 %
Glycine   3/9 % Valine9%
Leucine 7/2 % IsoLeucine4/2 %
Histidine1/5 % Methionine1/9 %
Lysine6/4 %Arginine7/8 %
Guaranteed analysis
K2OP2O5Organic NOrganic materialFree amino acid

plant resistance to environmental stresses

absorption of the elements and improving the root system of the plant

Promotes the ripening and colouring process in fruit


  • Note that L-amino Kara has the ability to mix with most fertilizers and chemical pesticides.Do not mix with L-amino Kara with products containing sulfate and sulfur.
  • Foliar application at the best time to absorb the elements by the plant before 10:00 am and after 4:00 pm.
  •  In case of rainfall to two hours after spraying, fertilization should be repeated
ProductionDoes of Iron Amino – chelate Litter/1000 litter water. per hectare (Foliar application) time
Products under stress conditions2-3If you see the conditions of stress, repeat fertilization.
fruit trees1-2Before the flowering stage  Repeat every 10-15 days
Vegetable and Greenhouse products2-3Repeat every 10-15 days after the cultivation
field crops1-2every 10-15 days after emergence of early leaves
Grains, legumes and potatoes2-3Start fertilization after emergence of early leaves Three courses every 15 days
Ornamental plants Lawn, sapling2-3Repeat every 7-12 days after the cultivation
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